How to use ReNom TAG

This tutorial shows you how to tag dataset with ReNom TAG.

How to tag?

This tutorial will tell you how to tag your dataset with ReNom TAG.

This is the home screen of ReNom TAG. On the left side of "images", there are dataset we moved to the "dataset" folder. If we did not load dataset, there is Pascal VOC as default.

When you click an image from the "images" box, the image will be shown at center. To label on image, we input "the name of label" and "shortcut key" on the "Class List". And cick "Add New Label" button so that the labels are added to the list. In this tutorial, the images are cat. So we input "cat" as label and "1" as shortcut key. So the "cat" label is added to the list. As we input the shortcut key, we can tag the image by only inputting "1" for cat.

After that, we drag the image at center to make a bounding box.

After dragging, we input "1" as shortcut key as the image is cat. And press space key or click "save" to save the label data.

Then the tagged image will be appeared on the "Labelled Images". This is a whole process to tag the dataset.

How to adjust tag?

When we want to re-tag the image, we select and click the image from "Labelled Images". And the image appears at center, so we adjust the box and re-tag by new label and click the "Save" button.

How to tag multiple objects?

When we want to tag other object in an image, we input new label and shortcut key at "Class List". After making the new label, we drag the object to make another bounding box and tag with the new label. Click "Save" to save the label data.

Finish tagging

When tagging is done, original images in "Images" box move to the "Labeled Images" box with tag. The label data is saved in a folder of "Label" under ReNom TAG.