How to use ReNom TDA GUI

An introduction of how to use ReNom TDA GUI.

In this tutorial, we explain how to use ReNom TDA GUI. you can learn following points.

  • How to start ReNom TDA GUI.
  • How to use ReNom TDA GUI.

How to start ReNom TDA GUI

To start ReNom TDA GUI, we move to ReNom directory.

And start ReNom TDA GUI server.

cd path to ReNom directory/
python gui/

Open in browser.(Except IE)

We can show next page.

open this page

open this page

Load csv file

Next we load csv file.

Now you can load csv file in ReNom/gui/data directory.

In this directory, there are two sample datastes, finance.csv and hitter.csv.

As a test, we load hitter.csv in ReNom TDA GUI.

Input file name “hitter.csv” to left upper textbox and select dimension reduction algorithm and press load file button.

algorithm is selected from PCA, TSNE, Auto Encoder. TSNE and Auto Encoder may take time.

We can show parameter select area.

after load data

after load data

Set parameter

Next, we set parameter to create topology.

Now, you can select following parameter.

resolution: 5 to 50

overlap: 0.1 to 1.0

colored by: int or float data columns in csv file.

This time, we use resolution 25, overlap 0.5 and colored by OPS and press run button.

So, we can show topology. Blue node has lower value and red node is higher value.

show topology

show topology

Show data in node

Next, we show data in node.

Click some node. We can show data in right sidebar.

click node & show data in node

click node & show data in node

Search data

Next, we search data in topology.

In this case, we can search team name or player name.

Searchable value is object data columns in csv file.

For Example, we search “大谷”, so we can show following.

Node has “大谷” data is red and another node is gray.

“大谷” is in red node, so topology show he has high OSP value and he likes “筒香”.