How to Use ReNomDP GUI tool

Start the Application

ReNomDP is a single page web application. If your installation have done successfully, Type following command in ReNomDP directory.

cd ReNomDP
python -m renom_dp # This command will starts ReNomDP GUI server.

or you can run application in any directory with following commands.

cd workspace # Workspace can be any directory.
renom_dp # This command will starts ReNomDP GUI server.

For the command renom_dp , you can give following arguments.

  • –host : This specifies server address.

  • –port : This specifies port number of the server.

For example, following code runs ReNomDP with port 8888.

renom_dp --port 8888 # Running ReNomDP with port 8888

If the application server runs, open web browser and type the server address to the address bar.

Then the application will be appeared.

Place your dataset

When the server starts, data directory will be created in the server running directory.

Format of the data

The input data format is csv.

Uninstall ReNomDP

ReNomDP can be uninstalled with the following pip command.

pip uninstall renom_dp