Change Log

0.6.0 beta => 0.6.1 beta

  • csv support (“data.csv” “pred.csv”)

  • Added Random Forest and XGBoost hyperparameters

  • Fixed bugs

0.5.0 beta => 0.6.0 beta

  • Revised GUI component details.

  • Added error handling.

0.4.0 beta => 0.5.0 beta

  • In the model setting screen, it became possible to select scaling for the data set.

  • When scaling is set, the prediction result, loss value, and evaluation value have been changed to specifications that are displayed as rescaled (returned value) values.

0.3.0 beta => 0.4.0 beta

  • It became possible to training and prediction with data.pickle (pred.pickle) including character strings (half-width alphabetic characters). (Performs training (prediction) by automatically extracting only numeric columns. The prediction result CSV contains strings columns)

  • Added Model Filter function that can narrow down displayed models by Dataset type.

  • In the Model Map section, changed the point of the model being trained to be easy to understand.

  • Added the Best Epoch Line function.

  • Added the display switching function of training data and validation data in the Prediction Sample section.

  • On the Prediction page, it is now possible to compare graphs with predicted results and training data.

  • Added graph display function of Feature Importance.

0.2.0 beta => 0.3.0 beta

  • After completion of model creation, the importance of each explanatory feature can be checked.

  • Random Forest and XGBoost were added to the algorithm selection item at model creation.

0.1.0 beta => 0.2.0 beta

  • Explanatory features and target features can be selected when creating a dataset.

  • Feature Scaling can be selected when creating a dataset.

  • The prediction result can be saved as CSV data.

0.0.0 beta => 0.1.0 beta

  • GraphCNN is possible with GPU.

  • Enabled install with wheel.

  • Enabled starting server from current directory.

  • Enabled training user defined model from GUI.

  • Added regressor module that can pull model to python script from GUI server.