Change Log

0.2.0 beta => 0.3.0 beta

  • After completion of model creation, the importance of each explanatory variable can be checked.
  • Random Forest and XGBoost were added to the algorithm selection item at model creation.

0.1.0 beta => 0.2.0 beta

  • Explanatory variables and target variables can be selected when creating a dataset.
  • Feature Scaling can be selected when creating a dataset.
  • The prediction result can be saved as CSV data.

0.0.0 beta => 0.1.0 beta

  • GraphCNN is possible with GPU.
  • Enabled install with wheel.
  • Enabled starting server from current directory.
  • Enabled training user defined model from GUI.
  • Added regressor module that can pull model to python script from GUI server.