Install ReNomRG

Requirements Packages.

ReNomRG requires following python modules.

  • alembic==1.0.5

  • bottle==0.12.16

  • SQLAlchemy==1.2.15

  • xgboost==0.81

And ReNomRG requires ReNom.

If you haven’t install ReNom, please install ReNom from .

Please refer to the ReNom installation below.

Install by pip.

You can install ReNomRG by pip command. This is the simplest way for installation.

The Wheel package is provided at:

(VERSION is stands for actual version number e.g. 0.1b1(beta version), 0.2b2, 0.3b2, 0.4b0, 0.5b1, 0.6b2)

(Only the latest version can be downloaded from the link below.)

Install 0.6b2(beta version) is follow.

pip install


This is linux OS only. If your OS is windows or MAC, please install ReNomRG from binary code.

Wheels of past version

Install from source.

If you install ReNomRG from source, Node.js is required.

git clone
cd ReNomRG/
pip install -r requirements.txt
python build
pip install -e .


This requires node.js .