5. Change Log

v1.4.1 beta

  • Modified segmentation labeling to allow polygons in progress to be placed above existing completed polygons
  • Moved toolbar lower so that it does not overlap with image when zooming in
  • Modified colors of OK/NG buttons during hover
  • Adjusted locations and sizes of buttons and comment fields below image to account for new toolbar location

v1.4.0 beta

  • Added new Classification tagging feature for creating image classification labels
  • Added support to load Detection class names from class definition files created with versions 1.2 or earlier
  • Fixed bug from v1.3b3 that occurred when loading existing class definition file from previous versions of application

v1.3.3 beta

  • Fixed tagging area bug

v1.3.2 beta

  • Fixed broken link in README

v1.3.1 beta

  • GUI bug fix

v1.3.0 beta

  • Added segmentation labeling feature

v1.2.1 beta

  • Added download links for past pip wheel versions
  • Bug fixes

v1.2.0 beta

  • Added matching colors for boxes and class names
  • Added shortcut keys for copying and pasting boxes
  • Added shortcut keys for undoing box changes
  • Added explanatory text for “Hide boxes” toggle
  • Bug fixes

v1.1.0 beta

  • Added full-screen tagging mode
  • Added image zoom feature
  • Added feature for hiding unselected boxes during tagging
  • Added tagged images count
  • Added user comment feature
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Added feature to delete individual tags from tag list