Introduction to ReNom IMG

ReNom IMG is model developing tool for object detection.

How to start

1.Move to ReNomIMG directory using following command.

cd ReNomIMG

2.Run script and the application server starts.


If the server starts, you will see a message like below.

How to use

The following videos describes how to use ReNomIMG. In this video, the Oxford-IIIT Pet Dataset is used.

1.Download weight file of YOLO.

At first, you must install weight file of yolo from url.

You can get the file with the following command.

cd ReNomIMG

curl -O

2.Create dataset directory

As following video showing, please create the dataset direcotry in the ReNomIMG

When you finish, you can show following folder structure.

link to video later.

3.Set image data to ReNomIMG

As following video showing, please put the image you want to use in the ReNomIMG/dataset folder.

4.Run ReNomIMG

Same as before mentioned in 'How to start', following video describes how to start ReNomIMG.

5.How to start training in ReNomIMG

Following video describes how to start model training in ReNomIMG.

6.How to use model for prediction.

Following video describes how to use model for prediction in ReNomIMG.

Format of xml file.

The format of the xml file which created by ReNomTAG follows PASCAL VOC format.